Trials is a technical sport which requires the rider to ride over a “section” of very difficult land without putting their feet down, if the rider stops ‘dabs’ with their feet points are added to a final score where the lowest total is the winner. Trials are the lowest cost entry point to motorcycle sport but to reach the highest level requires immense skill. Trials are non-speed events and are seen as the safest form of off road motor sport.

Modern trials bikes are small-engined, lightweight and very manoeuvrable where a rider’s balance and machine control is key. Courses typically include vertical banks, streams, logs and other natural obstacles or man-made challenges such as concrete pipes or ramps.

Like Classic Scrambling, its Trials equivalent has enjoyed an explosion in popularity in recent years. Divided into similar classes the emphasis is again on Pre65 British machines with classes divided along vintage and engine capacity. As with modern trials the ‘feet-up’ nature of the sport is all about control and balance - not speed. Sections tend to be less testing due in part to the lack of manoeuvrability of the competing bikes. This is one reason why it tends to be the domain of more ‘senior’ competitors who actively compete with the bikes they grew up on. Trials – both modern and classic has a very low impact on the environment and there are a large number of AMCA clubs spread across the UK with an emphasis on competing during the winter months.

Joining an AMCA Club

The AMCA has a large number of modern and classic trials clubs spread throughout the UK including the Isle of Man and Jersey (several of which are combined Modern and Classic Trials clubs). Some are aimed at the Beginner or Novice while others have Expert riders who compete in regional championships.

An AMCA Licence is available for classic or modern trials at a cost of £20.00.