The AMCA also caters for cycle (bike) trials, having two clubs, running regular events. Cycle trials clubs benefit from the same AMCA insurance for riders and insurers.

Bike Trial is the art and skill of riding your bike over and between obstacles, showing balance and fitness. Ideally not touching the 'section' with anything except the bikes tyres!

Some people ride special 20" wheeled bikes, or even smaller for the younger children. Other people ride 26" mountain bikes, others ride the newish 24" bikes. It really doesn't matter which. The aim is to ride your bike, learn new skills, and make new friends and to enjoy yourself!

Go along to a competition, classes at clubs start with Beginners, Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Elite - self-graded on ability.

If you are interested in running any cycle trials, or interested in competing, please contact the AMCA today for details, or contact of the members clubs via the club search.