Date: 12 May 2021
Entry for the CCM Wulfsport Kendal Classic Revival 26th/27th June 2021 go live around 6pm Friday 7th May, follow the link. Many thanks to Malcolm Herbert for organising the entry system.
Saturday will be press day with the Launch of the CCM Anniversary Model, concourse display and judging after racing followed by band and bar in the marque Covid permitting, with the Classic British Championship taking place. Some CCM’s may make an appearance in their respective class’s or they may be kept shining for Sunday.
By special request, racing will be classic’s up to pre 78 and 125 air-cooled twinshocks
Sunday all the CCM’s will be in action, with special guests, we also host the 1st round of the 125 Twinshock Cup, men on the mic will be Geoff Shuttleworth and Richard Winn, keeping us informed and holding the interviews.
Racing will be classic age related with all the air-cooled twinshock class’s
Fingers crossed spectators will be allowed for the whole weekend again Covid permitting, this will be on a track and trace system.
MyLaps transponders; the club has just purchased the full timing system, as part of the package we will have 30 transponders with 2yrs registration coming up for sale in about 5 weeks time, price will be around £125 or so, let us know if you are interested an we’ll put you on the list. Email
The Bultaco trial is on the 19th, followed by the road runs on the 23rd & 25th, should be a fantastic week.