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YAMAHA MX EXPERIENCE 2016 – book on now!

Always wanted to ride off road but no bike or kit?
The 2016 dates for the Yamaha AMCA Motocross Experience days are now out and available to book. We are running days at five exciting venues up and down the country including venues which have hosted international motocross events. Why not extend your off-road riding skills by booking onto a full day and bring your friends and colleagues along so they too can experience the thrills of off road riding in a safe environment?
For a full days riding at one of our five venues including use of the bikes and kit the cost is £150. 
Please see below, the list of dates and venues – all are bookable online by visiting
Craig and the coaching team look forward to seeing you again soon!
Date Venue Postcode
March 16 Lower Drayton ST19 5RE
April 6 Lower Drayton ST19 5RE
May 6 Bevercotes NG22 0PS
May 7 Bevercotes NG22 0PS
May 20 Upavon SN8 3LT
May 21 Upavon SN8 3LT
June 3 Coppull PR7 5HJ
June 4 Coppull PR7 5HJ
June 17 Bevercotes NG22 0PS
June 18 Bevercotes NG22 0PS
June 22 Lower Drayton ST19 5RE
July 15 Coppull PR7 5HJ
July 16 Coppull PR7 5HJ
July 22 Bromsberrow HR8 1PB
July 23 Bromsberrow HR8 1PB
August 12 Lower Drayton ST19 5RE
August 13 Lower Drayton ST19 5RE
August 26 Upavon SN8 3LT
August 27 Upavon SN8 3LT
September 2 Coppull PR7 5HJ
September 16 Bevercotes NG22 0PS
September 17 Bevercotes NG22 0PS
October 21 Lower Drayton ST19 5RE
October 22 Lower Drayton ST19 5RE


As Easter approaches and you make plans for the long weekend why not take a trip out to the Worcestershire countryside to see one of the most exciting spectacles in the AMCA classic calendar - the Red Marley Hill Climb!
Red Marley Hill Climb takes place on Easter Monday and looks set to be an action packed day. The hill is 440 yards (1/4 mile) and reaches almost 1:1.5 near the top where there is a challenging jump known as “the pimple”. Riders compete 4 at a time from a standing start - the first two over the finish line progress to the next round.
Carl Pope currently holds the record with a time of 19.53 seconds achieved in 2009 aboard his Cheney BSA.
There are 2 classes plus the new All Comers class and the All Stars class which will be run on a speedway points basis. 
Machines are all pre 1970 and vary from early rigid framed machines to competitive replica Triumph and BSA based classic scramblers.
Practice: 9.30am. Racing Starts at 12 noon.
Admission £8.00 Children under 11 free. 
Competitors wishing to enter the event can download an entry form CLICK HERE
There is also a Classic Trial at the same venue on Easter Sunday 27th March, the trial starts at 12 noon and is free to spectate.

Enter NOW to secure your entries!

With over 90% of AMCA MX clubs online, riders can enter as many events as they want to right here, right now!
Over 150 events are available to view and enter via the AMCA website and all club events are offering the standard entry fee of £30 for advance entries. With the new ‘access all areas’ ruling allowing you to ride anywhere in the country for the standard fee, 2016 looks set to be the best ever for AMCA members.
The season kicks off with the first club event hosted by midlands based Kinver Auto at the ever popular Bromsberrow track on 6th March. The event has already attracted  some top AMCA riders including the current MX2 Champion Luke Burton, current two stroke Champ Adam Harris, and 2016 contenders Luke Blanchard, Jack Gardner, Ryan Morris and Jack Timms. Enter now to avoid disappointment via



Update your transponder details

Riders if you can log into your online service area and click update my details, make sure your transponder number is up to date, this way your name will be recorded straight from the start of the event. You can also update your bike details so they are correct in the programme.


There is nothing old about these Owd Codgers

The Owd Codgers MCC Classic Charity Trial at the Mallory Park Bike Bonanza on Saturday 30th July 2016 there will be a limit of 50 bikes, no modern except for sidecars and big old bikes will be catered for.
Website is or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
The club also do demos at the Stafford Shows
23rd/24th April 2016
15th/16th October 2016

Classics scene stronger than ever

Following the fixtures meeting at the end of 2015 which was attended by over 30 classic clubs a full and varied fixture list for classic riders is now available.

The AMCA Classic Licence costs £49 and enables riders to enter all classic fixtures at a significantly lower cost than a non- licence holder.

The fixture list can be found by following the link below:


Entry forms can be downloaded from the AMCA website as and when they become available, new for this year is the Cumbria Classic clubs offering online entry into their events.

AMCA Classic events include club events, the 2016 AMCA/"Classic Dirt Bike" British Classic Motocross Championship and special events such as the Red Marley Hill Climb, the Bonanza and Nostalgia.

Great camaraderie exists amongst the riders and clubs and events are increasingly popular with riders and spectators – enter early to guarantee your ride

Sponsors in Programmes

New for 2016!!! Riders - Want your sponsors to appear next to your name in the 2016 programmes? Well the great news for 2016 is that it now will!!!

All you need to do is log into the online service area and update your details - select the link below.


Motocross Committee Agenda - 12th March

Meeting of the AMCA’s Modern Motocross Committee to be held on Saturday 12th March 2016  – 11.30 am at AMCA Office in Cannock.


Meeting to be chaired by AMCA Chairman. Invited to attend: Group Coordinators or their Deputy, and an observer.

A representative (maximum two) from any motocross club can also attend the meeting.

Voting: two votes per Group but only if two persons are present.

**At a 2015 meeting of this committee it was agreed that clubs could submit agenda items direct (without first going to the Group meeting) – items which have been submitted by clubs are identified with the club name preceding the agenda item. The item will only be considered by the committee if a representative of the club is present at this meeting**

**All agenda items are reproduced below in the same format and wording as they are supplied**

1.  Notes of the previous meeting held 10th October 2015 to be approved.

2.  Matters arising from previous notes not included on this agenda.

At the last meeting of this Committee M.Penn proposed with N.Webster seconding that Directors look at a loyalty reward for 2016, 12 voted in favour – CARRIED. This was following a discussion on the entry fees changes for 2016.

Several suggestions for the loyalty reward were considered by the Board of Directors, they considered which is to be offered and after much discussion it was agreed that those riders who enter 25 or more events in 2016 will qualify for a £30 reduction in their licence fee in 2017. 


3.1  From Northern area.
Inter Group team race.

3.2  From Northern area.

AMCA communication to Club Secretaries needs to be clearer, riders get info before them.

3.3  From Northern Area.

Forty riders on a gate as some tracks able to support them, can run seven good races in block instead of eight semi-filled for the same rider amount. Group co-ordinator to risk assess and agree at event.

3.4  From Northern area.

One Day Licences  to be allowed to apply online once an event has closed to AMCA riders on the Monday. Look after the riders not the ODLs. 

3.5  From South Shropshire Group.

Review rule book with regard to new structure within AMCA this year to clarify the new licence fee / club rebate system / no FROCH etc, as many of the old  rules don’t apply any more.

Office comment: the 2016 rulebook is available to view on the AMCA website and contains the updated information.

3.6  From South Shropshire Group.

Should AMCA Directors also act as Group Co-Ordinators as there is a clear conflict of interest?

3.7  From Central Group.

Malcolm Brettle writes: “It has been brought to my attention that the AMCA has allegedly approved Cannock using some un-manned traffic lights instead of manned marshal points for all their meetings this year.  There is no marshalling rule in the Book to cover these traffic lights. 

I therefore propose that this item is placed on the MMC Agenda as well as the Directors Agenda for the 12th March (Safety matters probably affecting insurance) and until it has been discussed and approved the use of traffic light marshalling is prohibited.”

Office comment: The office are always keen to explore ways of working which could improve rider safety, currently the system is at the discussion stage with the club concerned, Steve Harvey would naturally involve insurers and the AMCA Board of Directors prior to any decision to implement at events.  

3.8  From Central Group.

Change the ‘Eligibility to Compete in MX1 / MX2 Championship’ rule no.63 to read ‘In the previous year riders must have competed in a minimum of 9/11 (number to be agreed). Group level events, IMBA events count.’

Existing Qualification rule no.65 to be changed to ‘The format will depend on the amount of interested riders, names to be put forward through the Group but they must have complied with the Eligibility Rule.’


3.9  From Kinver Auto Club (Central Group, 43 licences)

Clubs who are only intending to run one motocross event in the current season have to run that event by 1st June in the current season. Otherwise their rider’s licences will be suspended and the club would not be allowed to vote on any items at any meeting. 

3.10  From Wolverhampton & DAC (Central Group, 3 licences)

Extract from October 2014 Motocross committee meeting minutes

New Business 3.3 from South Shropshire Group.

And the selection of clubs to run a round of the championship-In 2014 the selection criteria was ’one round per group preferably on an AMCA owned track’ at the request of this committee. It was proposed that this revert to the previous year with clubs being awarded Championship rounds on merit at the discretion of Steve Harvey, this may include some clubs running multiple Championships at one event.

Bob Kimber proposed this and Malcolm Brettle seconding.- 12 VOTED IN FAVOUR – CARRIED

After the minutes were issued Bob Kimber and Malcolm Palmer telephoned the office regarding the last item regarding multiple championships not being clarified during the proposal (from the final comer onwards) and was not what was intended. The explanation was given that this was how the 2013 championships were run so that was how it would run in the future. It was made clear that this was for unusual occasions i.e. Hawkstone Park.

This year (2016) has seen ALL championship rounds as multiple events rather than the disputed some.

Who took this decision to over-ride this agreement, and why? Other clubs have asked to run championships. 

Delays during the event day could cause cancelation of championship races which may need to be run again at another venue. No support races means local riders ‘miss out’. Other clubs other than the six (would normally be seven) do not gain experience of running these events. Extra revenue from running championships for other clubs lost whilst concentrating on the lucky few. AMCA club riders will not be able to view championship races at the same event as they are competing themselves. Ability to promote many circuits as a championship tracks lost (increasing entry numbers at meetings prior to championship events).

Office comment: Two phonecalls were received after the October 2014 minutes were issued, an alternative wording was requested from the two complainants in order that this be put forward to the following motocross committee meeting as both S.Potts and S.Harvey felt the minutes were a true interpretation of what was said. No alternative wording was received and at the next meeting the minutes were adopted unanimously with both B.Kimber and M.Palmer present at the meeting, therefore the minutes stand as a true record.

3.11  From Wolverhampton & DAC (Central Group, 3 licences)
11th September Championship date collides with all groups running other than South West and Yorkshire with no club yet allocated this championship event. Is it right (or fair) to draw riders from all groups in what is already a busy weekend when another club could take on this event which is already on the fixture list. 
Proposal. Change of date or venue.

3.12  From Wolverhampton & DAC (Central Group, 3 licences)
Motocross Committee should elect its own chairman.

3.13  From Wolverhampton & DAC (Central Group, 3 licences)

Motocross Committee meeting should be consulted and agree final decisions made for Championship calendar regarding next season and prior to dates released (2017). Any changes after this meeting would need to be cleared by the MCM Chairman and reported to the next MCM.

3.14 From Wolverhampton & DAC (Central Group, 3 licences)
Motocross Rule Book. Page 6/7 section 2. Second sentence.
Applicants (New Riders) joining the Association must join one of the 3 nearest Clubs to their home address.
It is felt that this rule is not being adhered to and is important under the current climate.
Proposal. If AMCA rules are no longer adhered to or require change they should be bought to the attention of the MCM to be discussed or re-voted.

3.15  From Wolverhampton & DAC (Central Group, 3 licences)
Motocross Committee meetings used to be held at least three times a year, in recent times this has reduced to two allowing member participation in AMCA affairs to dwindle.
Proposal. Increase MCM to at least three per year.

3.16  From Wolverhampton & DAC (Central Group, 3 licences)

Proposal. All AMCA Affiliated Motocross Clubs wishing to run events must belong to a recognised AMCA area Group with event dates agreed at Group meetings.

Proposal. Any Club wishing to run in another Groups ‘area’ should have permission from the Group or Co-Ordinator of the area that the event is to be run.

4. Any other business (time permitting).


Clubs: Its time to make your vote count

As a member led association, all affiliated clubs of the Amateur Motorcycle Association are asked to vote on how they wish to see their AMCA progress. The time to do this is NOW - The AMCA’s AGM is set for Saturday 12th March 2016. Every AMCA affiliated club is entitled to vote at this AGM - The agenda and voting forms are going out to clubs today - so make sure your vote is cast by returning the form by the deadline below! Clubs are the members so every club can vote - this should be discussed by every club and if not being able to attend on the day, the vote form should be returned to vote for the next batch of Directors of the AMCA, and any other agenda item forwarded  by clubs.

Deadlines and Dates

Delegate attendance slips should be returned by Friday 26th February 2016

Proxy vote (if your club is not attending) form must be returned by 11am Wednesday 9th March 2016

Election of Directors

Introducing your Director candidates:

There are four places available for AMCA Directors and six nominations have been received. Four Director’s terms expire at this AGM, and all four have indicated that they wish to stand for re-election - these Directors are Malcolm Brettle, Mike Humphries, Dale Moreton and Mick Penn.

Two additional nominations have been received for Simon Lane, and Brad Oleary.

The four positions are available for three years. Any person can ask to be considered for co-option, co-opted Directors are voted on by the Board of Directors for a period of twelve months.

Your Current Board of Directors

For your information, details of your current AMCA Directors are listed below:

  Meeting attendance (last 12 months)
Name Possible 
Actual meetings 
Don Green (Chair) 4 4 100%
Carol Davis (Vice) 4 4 100%
Malcolm Brettle 4 4 100%
Sue Cannings 4 4 100%
Mike Humphries 4 3 75%
Dale Moreton 4 4 100%
Michael Penn 4 3 75%
Colin Price 4 4 100%
Roy Pugh 4 0 0%*
Nick Webster 4 4 100%

*Due to ill health

Meet the People who want to represent YOUR AMCA

To help you get to know the candidates, each candidate has provided information about themselves and been encouraged to provide responses to a number of questions as well as a recent photograph.

Question one: What is your current involvement with the AMCA?
Question two: What qualifications and/or experience do you possess that are relevant to the position of AMCA Director?
Question three: What other qualities would you bring to the role of AMCA Director?
Question four: What aspirations do you have for the AMCA?

Malcolm Brettle

malcolm brettle

Age: 72

Q1: Central Group coordinator, AMCA Director for 9 years, AMCA member for 48 years.

Q2: Having worked fulltime as a Senior Mechanical Manager in the chemical industry I am now retired with my own landscape gardening business.  Both roles have given me an insight into the workings of a business.  I was Secretary and C of C for Kinver Auto Club for 36 years, this has helped me to understand the challenges of running a club and being an official.  I rose from Junior to Expert status and I have been involved with the British Enduro Championships and the ISDE.  I think I have an understanding of the issues on both sides of the fence as a rider and an organiser.

Q3: I have time, enthusiasm and considerable knowledge of off road sport gained over the past 40 odd years. I actively promote all motorcycle sport at every opportunity and especially the benefits of belonging to the AMCA.  I have extensive knowledge not only of motocross but various other disciplines such as Motoduro, Hare and Hounds and Enduro's.  I feel the Enduro scene has not yet been afforded its full potential by the AMCA.

Q4: There are more organisations than ever before, all chasing a relatively small pool of riders, my aim is to help make the AMCA more attractive to these riders yet still allow clubs a reasonable financial return.   I believe the recent changes made to the licence and fee structure will make the AMCA's MX more attractive and increase the number of riders.  I look forward to seeing steady growth in that area.  I believe the future of the AMCA lies in the hands of the clubs and their dedicated members and to this end I would like to see more coaching and encouragement given to the younger members to get involved in club management. I am proud of my long association with the AMCA and am looking forward to working alongside the management team in taking the AMCA forward.

Mike Humphries

mike humphries

Age: 69

Q1: AMCA director for the last 7 years, South-West Co-Coordinator.  Attend all director/moto x meetings and AGM's involved with the AMCA for the last 40 years in an official capacity.  In those 40 years I have been steward, clerk of course and involved running events as a club official for championship, IMBA and club events also involved running several football clubs.

Q2: I would bring a very varied and sound knowledge, drawing on all my years' service with AMCA.  To develop and promote the AMCA to remain competitive with other organizations, prepared to talk and listen to rider and officials and put forward suggestion to other directors.

Q3: To see standards of events improve for all riders which should encourage more riders to join the AMCA.  Greater use of AMCA owned/leased tracks and purchase of suitable land when available.  To see a broader representation across all areas of AMCA committees.  We must remember it's about the riders we serve as Directors.  We need to look at costs across the country to ensure it's viable for clubs to run events.  We need to listen more and give advice and guidance if required.

Q4: The major change in licence costs and returns to clubs was a proposal put forward by myself and feel this will make the AMCA a more competitive with other organizations.

Simon Lane

simon lane

Age: 42

Q1: My current involvement with the AMCA are currently Vice Chairman of the STC club and reigning AMCA Veterans Champion.

Q2: I have been involved with the AMCA since 1980 and have 34 years of experience and have enjoyed success at club, national championship and IMBA level. As Director of my own business, I have effective influence and negotiating with all levels of people, this combined with my vast knowledge of AMCA would add value.

Q3: A natural passion and dedication for the sport along with a high level of integrity and honesty. I am a clear communicator with ability to use logic and reason in various situations. I have a professional approach and attitude and gained respect from riders which would support my application for AMCA Director.

Q4: I have a genuine interest in the grass roots of AMCA and would relish the opportunity to grow and develop the AMCA to appeal to clubs so that more people become involved and experience what the sport has to offer. Develop strategy to support small to medium clubs involving financial assistance where appropriate. Develop AMCA championships into flagship events so they are aspirational for all riders. Work with the AMCA with PR and marketing, etc, to be more competitive with other organisations.

Dale Moreton

dale morton

Age: 56

Q1: My 2015 gold licence was my 40th consecutive AMCA Licence, I currently ride a KTM350sxf in the MX1 experts. I'm chairman of Burntwood Barracudas MCC, Steward, Clerk of Course and have served as a Director for the past 6 years.

Q2: During my 40 years involvement in off road motorcycle sport I have competed in and organised Motocross, Trials and Enduro events.  At work I manage a small Engineering Dept within the NHS and was a workplace representative for 10 years. I have experience and have received training in management and leadership, representation, negotiation and employment legislation.

Q3: Away from Motorcycling my hobbies include Off Piste Skiing and Scuba Diving, both of which have required me to acquire skills which allow potentially dangerous activities to be enjoyed safely by myself and others. It is my aim to represent the membership at the highest level whilst taking account of the financial strains on the association.

Q4: I am a firm believer in maintaining the AMCA's club structure and the aim to provide quality sport at a reasonable price whilst offering protection and support to our riders and officials. Moving forward I would like to see a restructuring of our owned and leased properties and the development of an practice and training centre which could be a centre of excellence for off road sport.

Brad O'leary

brad o'leary

Age: 32

Q1: I currently manage the official Husqvarna motocross team within the AMCA, which concentrates on youth development within the AMCA. I'm also a riding member of the Southam Mx club having held a licence since 1999.

Q2: Being a rider and member of the AMCA since the age of 15, I'm confident that the knowledge I have regarding the organisation itself to be extremely high. As a business owner I have skills such as diplomacy, problem solving, being able to work in a team environment, whilst having individual ownership and also a good understanding of the commercial side of the off road world that the AMCA now competes in.

Q3: Being a rider from club, championship and also IMBA level for so many years, it has taught me to listen to every opinion and to understand a wide variety of opinions and views. I'd bring experience from riding, a passion to see the AMCA thrive and flourish nationwide. I understand that the AMCA has to balance the needs of the rider with the needs of the club and sometimes this can be a difficult balance to strike.

Q4: I'd like to see the AMCA be number 1 choice for riders, whether that be club level or championship level, providing a platform for riders to nurture, grow and develop into winners. I want to see clubs thriving, licence numbers growing and the network of AMCA tracks expanding. The AMCA has been my passion since joining at 15 years of age, Lionel Beck took me under his wing and ideally I'd like to carry on his great work by helping those who run the Association by giving my support and input.

Michael Penn

michael penn

Age: 57

Q1: Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Cannock club, Director of the AMCA for 6years and still an active rider member. Vice Chairman of the AMCA in 2014.

Q2: I have been involved with the AMCA both riding and as an official for 42years and have organised many motocross meetings including Championships and IMBA events for most of this time. I was instrumental in resurrecting the Inter Group Team event in 2015 after a lapse of 4years.

Q3: I have run my own business for 33years gaining experience/qualities in other areas that are needed in the AMCA but most of all the experience of being an active rider who is still heavily involved at the grass roots of AMCA motocross.

Q4: To help take the AMCA forward in the direction that its members want and to also help it in a position that future members can enjoy.