The final round of the BWMA Westermans International British Womens Motocross Championships took place at the Grittenham circuit on Sunday 1st September and despite the Championship titles in the Pro-Class and Youths being mere formalities behind them there was all to play for for the runner up positions and the last of the Team GB IMBA places for 2020.

One thing is clear this year and that is that the new format where the top 10 girls race the first four rounds of the series for qualification to the Pro-class and IMBA team GB places has produced outstanding championship racing and clearly concentrated the riders to continue improving, so much so that the usual qualificaiton gap to Pole sitter Chelsea Gowland with her 6th out of 7 poles was closed by the ever improving Cath King to less than a second, a massive achievement and with Marni Saunders only 1 second off that it shows the speed of the girls is getting better and better. With every single place behind Chelsea Gowland still only seperated by a few points there was intense pressure throughout the field to perform and with the fourth race of the day for double points you could cut the tension with a knife. The top 5 places were pretty much out of reach but still had there own battle, behind Saunders the usual combatents Bethany Allsion, Kayleigh Durston and Charlotte Hall were all lining up to grab the runner up spot. 6th place and the final IMBA team spot for 2020 was still open to the last 5 riders in the Pro-class and these were only separated by 10 points going into this round with Lily Moreland currently holding the 6th place spot but it was Jaymee Garrood that grabbed 7th followed by Grace Bates 8th, a determined Vicky Marriott 9th, Lily Moreland 10th, Hannah Jones the National Championship leader in 11th ahead of Georgie Potter 12th.

Race 1 and Redline Hondas Chelsea Gowland stormed out the gate to grab the BelRay Holeshot prize, followed by a focussed Cath King, Charlotte Hall, Marni Saunders, Kayleigh Durston and Lily Moreland determined to maintain her 6th place championship position. The top 6 were so evenly matched but it was a super determined Cath King that impressed and turned the tables on Marni Saunders from Lower Drayton this time Saunders couldn't make the pass and settled for 3rd, Charlotte Hall was showing just what would have been had she not been injured with a gutsy 4th heading Bethany Allison by only 1 second, watched by Kayleigh Durston in 6th and Jaymee Garrood 7th. The battle for 6th overall and the last IMBA spot was taken head on by Vicky Marriott who after a poor start quickly pulled up to 8th and held Garrood for a super impressive and determined 8th place but behind her 16 year old Grace Bates seperated from the following pack and by the last lap was right on Marriott's back wheel but some clever defending kept her at bay. Young 15 year old Georgia Potter was next up in 10th behind the impressive Hannah Jones leading the National Championship girls, Lily Moreland bringing it home in 11th. Meanwhile at the front Gowland brought home a comfortable race win but also with over 3 races lead with it the 2019 British Championship for the second year in a row. Esme King raced to an impressive 2nd place in the National Class behind Hannah Jones ahead of Hannah Stone who showed tremendous improvement this weekend in third.

Race 2 and again the start was a close thing but this time Marni Saunders took the BelRay Holeshot from Kayleigh Durston hotly followed by Gowland, Hall, King and super determined Vicky Marriott. Saunders got almost a lap to enjoy leading another British Championship race before the sublime Gowland powered past and pulled a comfortable lead, King struggled to make ground and Saunders continued to push but again young Charlotte Hall was super impressive not giving Saunders any breathing space and the two crossed the line with half a second between them. This time Kayleigh Durston who came into this round leading Allison by only 1 point in 4th place turned the tables and came home in front Cath King and Allison to maintain that slimest of leads. Behind them and Marriott had broken away from the pack to hound Garrood both evenly matched but Garrood made an error allowing Marriott to slip past and grab a super impressive 7th place again though Grace Bates found some late speed to close right up to her, this battle was getting intense as her rivals for that 6th place overall weren't far behind, Jaymee Garrood got going to finish in 9th behind Hannah Jones leading the National Championship battle, Georgia Potter in 10th and Lily Moreland in 11th but still the points for these 5 riders were so close, Marriott just moving into 6th place in the Championship. Despite Abbie Walker leading Hannah Stone for part of the race the National Class finished as race 1 with Esme King following Hannah Jones with Hannah Stone in 3rd.

Race 3 and this time it was Gowland who took another BelRay holeshot but Marriott had a mediocre start and quickly carved her way through to Garrood by the 3rd corner when the two came together both crashing to the ground, Garrood got up to remount but Marriott was out with suspected fractured shoulder blade and cracked ribs. Her dream was cruely over. At the restart and it was 15 year old Bethany Allison that took the BelRay Holeshot from Gowland pushing hard and enjoying her time at the front, again though Gowland got past and steadily pulled another comfortable lead, Allison held onto a superb 2nd place, behind her was Charlotte Hall with another great ride finishing just a second ahead of Durston, evening things out between her and Alison in the Championship with one race to go. Saunders was not having a good race back in back in fifth having a great battle with King finishing 6th. With Marriott out Grace Bates was able to head the rest in 7th ahead of 15 year old Georgia Potter and Jaymee Garrood still shaken from the fall in 9th, Lily Moreland was 10th behind the consistent Hannah Jones from the National Championship. In the National Class Ash Crouch got the better of Abbie Walker four 4th behind the top 3 of Hannah Jones, Esme King and Hannah Stone.

For a lot of positions Race 4 was the decider with double points up for grabs, and just as Marriotts dreams were shattered in race 3, Charlotte Halls and Kayleigh Durstons took a sickening turn for the worse as Hall was clearly heading for the BelRay Holeshot she lost the front end coming into turn 1 and as she fell her bike took out Kayleigh Durston who would have been second, both hit the deck hard and amazingly got up to finish the race but for both any hope of securing higher positions dashed. Cruel fate hit again. Avoiding this melay National Champonship leader Hannah Jones stole the BelRay holeshot with Bethany Allison, Georgia Potter and Jaymee Garrood right behind but it wasn't long before Gowland picked her way through to take the lead and bring home her perfect season of 100% race wins, Bethany Allison took advantage of the first corner pile up to take another well earned 2nd place, Marni Saunders taking a comfortable 3rd but with her best race result of the series Jaymee Garrood finished in a fantastic 4th place, with Georgia Potter sealing her 6th place overall in the championship with her best race result of 5th. In the National Class Abbie Walker behind Hannah Jones and Esme King finally taking the third place she was threatening to in the previous race from Hannah Stone 

A dramatic end to a dramatic and exciting season of the best female motocross championship in the UK. 

BWMA Westermans International Elite Pro-Ladies Championship Round 8

1st Chelsea Gowland 300pts

2nd Bethany Allison 250pts

3rd Marni Saunders 249pts

4th Catherine King 228pts

5th Charlotte Hall 221pts

6th Jaymee Garrood 209pts

7th Kayleigh Durston 207pts

8th Georgia Potter 199pts

9th Grace Bates 199pts 

10th Lily Moreland 179pts

11th Vicky Marriott 80 pts 

BWMA Westermans International Elite Pro-Ladies Championship Overall

1st Chelsea Gowland 1420pts

2nd Marni Saunders 1108pts

3rd Catherine King 1068pts

4th Bethany Allison 1021pts

5th Kayleigh Durston 979pts

6th Georgie Potter 803pts

7th Lily Moreland 785pts

8th Jaymee Garrood 757pts

9th Grace Bates 703pts

10th Vicky Marriott 677pts

11th Charlotte Hall 676pts 

BWMA Westermans International Natinal Ladies Championship Round 8

1st Hannah Jones 300pts

2nd Esme King 270pts

3rd Hannah Stone 244pts

4th Abbie Walker 239pts

5th Ash Crouch 227pts

6th Terri Wallace 215pts

BWMA Westermans International Natinal Ladies Championship Overall

1st Hannah Jones 865pts

2nd Hannah Stone 766pts

3rd Abbie Walker 760pts

4th Esme King 717pts

5th Ash Crouch 505pts

6th Aaliyah Hulbert 403pts

7th Terri Wallace 362pts

8th Chloe Richards 313pts

9th Caitlin Newman 227pts

10th Camilla King 199pts

11th Louise Powell 173pts

12th Gyða Dögg Heiðarsdóttir 92pts

13th Paige Gould 46pts

The Youth class was no less dramatic. 

Qualifying and Jaysi Austin again was the class act with fastest qualifying, followed by Katie Morgan in second, Autumn Jenkinson in third, Amber MacGregor 4th and new to the series Georgia Bottrel 5th. but usual top three contender Beanie Reece only managed 1 lap in practice to come 7th followed by Sophie Jones, Ellie Davidson and Rising Star rider Poppy Banning.

Race 1

The format for the day would be three races carrying the usual AMCA points scoring, but due to the previous day's scheduled racing being cancelled, there was now going to be a fourth race which would carry double points scoring for the championship. So, it was going to be a long day. Jaysi Austin on her Husqvarna took the BelRay holeshot followed closely by Beanie Reece and Amber MacGregor. Jaysi Austin pulled out a commanding lead, but there was a real battle between Reece and MacGregor as the pair were on the limit right from the start. Meanwhile Katie Morgan was slowly catching both girls in front with Georgia Bottriell and Autumn Jenkinson both in hot pursuit. The fastest lap times of the girls from second to fourth was only tenths of a second apart, so it was very close racing. Jaysi Austin took the chequered flag with Amber MacGregor having passed Beanie Reece on the last lap, but a determined Katie Morgan tried a late lunge around the outside on the last corner to pass Beanie but Reece held the line to come in third with Morgan 4th, Georgia Bottriell 5th, Autumn Jenkinson 6th, Sophie Jones got the better of Poppy Banning and Ellie Davidson in 9th.

Race 2

Once again, the super smooth Jaysi Austin grabbed the BelRay holeshot, but this time, a more confident Autumn Jenkinson on her Honda CRF150 was keen to make up on her Race 1 result and quickly followed Jaysi in to the first turn with Georgia Bottriell next up on her Honda CRF150. There was a small gap and then the following pack was headed by Beanie Reece, Amber MacGregor and Katie Morgan. This was a great race to watch as these three girls all determined to do well caught the leaders as they pushed themselves as hard as they dared. At the finish, it was again Jaysi Austin, followed in by a delighted Autumn Jenkinson 2nd, Georgia Bottriell 3rd, Beanie Reece 4th, Amber MacGregor 5th and then Katie Morgan in 6th.

Race 3

Both Amber MacGregor and Beanie Reece were close to getting the BelRay holeshot in Race 3, but somehow Jaysi Austin managed to just keep her 100% record on the day as they went through the first turn with Austin followed by Reece, Jenkinson and Amber MacGregor. Jaysi pulled away, but Autumn Jenkinson was riding with the same confidence as she had at the previous round and was hounding Reece all the way around the track. On lap 2, Beanie Reece took the outside line in the berm at Turn 3 and Jenkinson seized the chance to take the inside line. As Reece powered her Kawasaki off the corner, Jenkinson slammed in to the side of her. Somehow, Beanie Reece managed to stay on, but Autumn Jenkinson fell off as both Amber MacGregor and Katie Morgan blasted past. At the flag, Jaysi Austin cruised to her third win of the day with Amber MacGregor pipping Beanie Reece on the last lap to come in second, Reece third and Katie Morgan 4th. Georgia Bottriell having a great ride to finish 5th and a smiling Sophie Jones rounding out the top 6 with Poppy Banning fighting off Ellie Davidson who was right on her tail and the unfortunate Jenkinson bringing up the rear but scoring valuable championship points.

Race 4

Jaysi Austin has been the undisputed and uncatchable queen of the 85s in the British Womens Motocross Association Championship this year, but it has been a much closer battle for second, third and fourth with Katie Morgan, Beanie Reece and Autumn Jenkinson all proving that they are very capable and determined riders. Race 4 was a double points scoring race, so none of these riders could afford to have a DNF, but there were plenty of points on the table and these girls are racers so anything could happen. And it did.. You couldn't have predicted the start but Katie Morgan who was second in the championship stalled just 25 meters from the gate whilst third and fourth placed girls in the championship, Beanie Reece and Autumn Jenkinson were both on the floor in Turn 1. Meanwhile holeshot Jaysi Austin and Amber MacGregor both managed to avoid the chaos and bolted off in to the distance chased by Georgia Bottriell and Sophie Jones with Ellie Davidson and Poppy Banning not far behind. Of the Championship contenders, Beanie Reece was the first to remount and set off after the pack followed by Jenkinson and a restarting Morgan. All three now pushing past the slower riders as they raced to the finish. This was a tense but thrilling race to watch. A well deserved Jaysi Austin took the flag at the final race of the championship season in first place with Amber MacGregor following her home. Georgia Bottriell finished third with a hard charging Beanie Reece recovering from her first corner crash to finish 4th, Katie Morgan 5th and Autumn Jenkinson in 6th, Sophie Jones came home in her safe 7th place but for the first time on the track young Ellie Davidson finally got the better of Poppy Banning to take 8th place. 

So after a season long battle, the British Womens Motorcross Championship has a winner in Jaysi Austin on her Husqvarna with Katie Morgan on her Husqvarna as the runner up and Beanie Reece third on her Kawasaki in her first season of motocross.

BWMA Westermans International Youth Girls Championship Round 8

1st Jaysi Austin 300pts

2nd Amber McGregor 261pts

3rd Beanie Reece 241pts

4th Georgia Bottriell 240pts

5th Katie Morgan 227pts 

6th Autumn Jenkinson 220pts

7th Sophie Jones 207pts

8th Poppy Banning 193pts

9th Ellie Davidson 191pts

Championship positions

1st Jaysi Austin 1420pts

2nd Katie Morgan 1075pts

3rd Beanie Reece 1052pts

4th Autumn Jenkinson 1012pts

5th Poppy Banning 910pts

Words and pics by Howard Marriott

The results of the event are below.