Date: 09 September 2019

Lake District 24 Peaks hiking challenge - 28th + 29th September 2019 Liam Jones, Alex Gray, Dom Arnold, Mollie Wheeldon + James Mason! The Challenge:


The Lake District 24 Peaks Challenge is a two day challenge over a walking distance of 31 miles which will push your mental and physical strength to the limit, rated extreme in its overall condition - considered the hardest peak challenge in the UK. The 24 Peaks is designed to involve fairly strenuous exercise and for your own safety you must be aware of this and consider carefully whether your general level of fitness, or any particular illness or ailment prevents you from participation. This is a tough challenge that will test your endurance and strength and requires a high level of stamina to compete with limited recovery time over a two day period. Set in the stunningly beautiful Lake District you will climb 24 peaks, encountering difficult terrain, lengthy descents and steep ascents along the way. The Message: The ultimate silent killer, male suicide. Each week 84 men take their own life. It’s the single biggest cause of death for men under the age of 45 in the UK. Yes, more than knife/gun deaths, cancer and car accidents. For those who never got the opportunity to be blessed with Paul’s presence will struggle to understand how much of an idol he is, not just to me, but to many other people too. His humble attitude, loving passion, wisdom and generosity was infectious, and his legacy will live on. Within the motocross community he was known as Shoe String Racing’s team owner, the chemical man or my hero, he will be forever in our hearts, minds and paddocks. Motocross was a big passion of Paul's - it's the sort of passion that drives close friendships and often creates eternal bonds, the impact that sudden mental health actions cause is devastating across a whole community of closely knit friends. So, let’s spread awareness, consideration and love to stop male suicide from happening. Be it family, a friend or a friend of a friend, a quick chat can solve a thousand problems. “I’m here if you need me” isn’t the answer to the problem, you need to force the conversation to help them cope a little better. Let’s break the taboo and grow together to enable people to open up freely and help people understand their emotions. Rest In Peace Mr A, you absolute legend! A message from MIND: We rely on local people to support us to raise money to carry out our work. Were really grateful for all the support we receive from the local community. Your support will mean we can help more people in Telford and surrounding areas.