Geomax MX-12

Dunlop in association with DQMX are offering the following deal on MX11 and MX12 Sand Tyres, for the 2019 Weymouth and Skegness Beach Race!


£99 on the Following MX11/MX12 Pairs

Free Dunlop Inner Tube with each Tyre Pre Ordered

100/90-19 MX12   + 80/100-21 MX12

110/90-19 MX12   + 80/100-21 MX12

110/100-18 MX11 + 80/100-21 MX12


**All the above prices include VAT

**These prices are for Pre Orders only, normal pricing will resume on race day purchases.

Wheels/Rims need to be produced to us with Clean Rims, Spacers Removed, Only Dunlop Mousse's will be fitted to Dunlop Tyres. If the rider is not present and the Wheel requires new Rim Lock, Rim Tape or there are any serviceability issues with the rim it will be put to one side until the rider returns.

Call Diki on 01237 471784 / 07983 656635 / MESSAGE