Working with local communities and landowners

The Amateur Motor Cycle Association owns and has long-term leases in place at a number of motocross venues across the country currently used by its affiliated clubs. The association owns over 300acres and another 150 acres tied up in long term lease agreements. As the sport grows and expands the AMCA is constantly looking for new sites to hold events so if you are a landowner looking to diversify your income then off-road sports can be an attractive opportunity. Having worked closely with local communities for more than 75 years the AMCA is well versed in the many issues associated with holding off-road sporting events at a local level including noise, access and insurance. We have experienced Development Officers in place that can assess the suitability of a potential site and offer advice and support in its preparation or maintenance from start to finish. .

There would be no work or initial outlay required from you - we would take care of everything!

An ideal off road motor cycle facilites would be:

  • Over 25 acres, with flat and hilled sections
  • The nearest properties being around 1km away (guide only)

All of our land owners are fully insured for liability for up to £30million...second to none in the motorsport world!

We would be interested in anything from use a few days per year (and you can continue to use the land for whatever else you normally would) right the way through to full time use.

If you feel your land falls within these catagories, then this could be the ideal thing for you to pursue! Please contact the office on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01543 466282 to make any enquiries and we would be more than happy to come out and visit your land and discuss your requirements and ideas in more detail!

We would also be happy to hear from any land agents who have land on their books.