Last Sunday Mid-Wales Classic MCC hosted a classic scramble for two different championships - the AMCA/CDB British solo championship and the  Pre-84 British sidecar championship.

The host club had their biggest ever entry at their tried and tested track at Abbeycwmhir, high in the hills of Central Wales - nearly 150 solos and 21 sidecars. Unfortunately, no one had told the weatherman.

The day started well enough: the forecast was for a relatively dry day (the best of the weekend) and so it was for a time. Then the heavens opened and soaked everything and everyone. Racing became a lottery and many riders packed in well before the end of a long programme, a situation which was well managed by the host club.
Martin Guilford (son of Wasp man, Mike) soon showed his sidecar pedigree with a 3rd place in the first sidecar championship race followed by a brace of first places to give him the overall win. Phil Rogers and Greg Wernham were second overall posting a 4-2-2 result. Number 13 proved to be unlucky for Shaun Mallows and Colin Dunkley: second behind John Boote and Mike Stones first time out, both crews disappeared from the leaderboard thereafter.
The 2nd round of the AMCA/CDB British classic motocross championship put two strong fields on the line. No Ricky Pedder or Scott Hayworth and Kristian Marshall was a non-starter but, nevertheless, talent aplenty. Conditions were still good when the first two championship races kicked-off - Pre-65 first then pre-74.
The Pre-65 race had series leader, Aaron Graves, leading from start to finish with a trio of riders - brothers Liston and Lewis Bell, and Martin Coleman - chasing him for the points.  Aaron was slowed by a puncture but Liston, who, early on, looked like catching Aaron had a taste of terra-firma which put paid to his efforts to catch the leader, who despite his handicap, won convincingly.
The Pre-74 race, with a slightly depleted line-up, had Kris Winder in charge from lap 2. The Cumbrian never put a foot wrong to record the first win by a Japanese machine in the history of the championship.
By the time the second of the championship races came round conditions had changed significantly. The races were reduced to 10 minutes plus 1 lap and Clerk of the Course Bob Stringer had to make some changes to the track layout. Conditions which certainly suited Peter Hollinshead in the Pre-65 category. Early on he was overtaken by Aaron Graves, but Aaron stepped off momentarily and Peter was in front, one of three leaders (Graves, Hollinshead and Liston Bell) over the three laps right up to a close finish with Lewis Bell who came charging through from third place.
The Pre-74 race had a new leader/winner this time. John Littler from North Wales has been a regular at Abbeycwmhir for many years. Only 4th (!) in the first race, John proceeded to demolish the opposition in race two, leading from the 2nd lap to take the flag from hard-riding Tim Dallaway - Tim had finished 7th in the first race after a dramatic first lap pile-up with two other riders.
Elsewhere in the programme the results of the weather defeated many. By now the track had developed some serious ruts and holes, particularly along the finish straight. Some of the hilly sections became almost impossible if you lost momentum - loss of traction automatically followed. The results reflect this. Outside the championship programme, Jonathan Rowlands, Rob Jones, the Bell brothers, Peter Hollinshead and veteran Doug Sherbourne seemed at home in the conditions.
AMCA/CDB British Classic Motocross Championship
Race 1 Race 2
(1) Aaron Graves (500 BSA) (1) Peter Hollinshead (650 BSA)
(2) Liston Bell (650 Triumph Metisse) (2) Lewis Bell 
(3) Martin Coleman (500 MTS Jawa) (3) Liston Bell
(4) Lewis Bell (600 Cheney Jawa) (4) Aaron Graves
(5) Robert Twigg (650 Tribsa) (5) Chris Collins (500 BSA)
(6) Phil Roberts (360 CZ) (6) Steve Dent (350 Faber Tribsa)
Race 1 Race 2
(1) Kris Winder (250 Honda) (1) John Littler 
(2) John Cash (500 BSA) (2) Tim Dallaway (500 BSA)
(3) Wayne Partington (380 CZ) (3) Keith Rice
(4) John Littler (380 CZ) (4) Wayne Partington
(5) Keith Rice (380 CZ) (5) Gary Green
(6) Gary Green (380 CZ) (6) Ben Weaver (250 Honda)
British Championship Pre-84 Sidecars
(1) John Boote/Mike Stones (880 Yamaha Wasp)
(2) Shaun Mallows/Colin Dunkley (1000 Yamaha Wasp)
(3) Martin Guilford/Michael Geraghty (840 Yamaha Wasp)
(4) Phil Rogers/Greg Wernham (1000 Yamaha Wasp)
(5) Simon/Joe Chell (920 Norton Wasp)
(6) Steve Cook/George Wolff (920 Norton Wasp)
Race 2
(1) Martin Guilford/Michael Geraghty
(2) Phil Rogers/GEG Wernham
(3) Chris Batt/Richard Brinsden (600 Yamaha Wasp)
(4) Simon/Joe Chell
(5) Chris Walker/Glen Restrick (1000 Yamaha EML)
(6) Steve Cook/George Woolff
Race 3
(1) Martin Guilford/Michael Geraghty
(2) Phil Rogers/Greg Wernham
(3) Chris Batt/Richard Brinsden
(4) Chris Walker/Glen Restrick
(5) Steve Cook/George Wolff
(6) Andy Carter/Tom Dickson (920 Norton EML)
Supporting Programme
(1) Jonathan Rowlands (490 Maico)
(2) Rhys Davies (490 Maico)
(3) Nigel Davies (490 Maico)
Pre-68 up to 350cc
(1) Doug Sherbourne (BSA)
(2) Robert Jones (BSA)
(3) Steve Dent (Faber Tribsa)
Pre-65 (Pre-60, Pre-Unit & Metisse)
(1) Liston Bell (650 Triumph Metisse)
(2) Peter Hollinshead (650 BSA)
(3) Lewis Bell (600 Cheney Jawa)
(4) John Pickering (500 Jawa Metisse)
Pre-74 up to 250cc
(1) Rob Jones (Maico)
(2) Luke Winn (Greeves)
(3) Gary Green (CZ)
(1) James Edge (125 Suzuki)
(3) Simon Chamberlain (125 Kawasaki)
Only two finishers
Pre-68 Unlimited
(1) Robert Jones (BSA)
Only 1 finisher
Pre-74 Unlimited
(1) Rob Jones (400 Maico)
(2) Andy Stanton (380 CZ)
(3) Alan Harris (380 CZ)