Date: 08 October 2018
The final positions in each of the two championship categories look like this: 
(1) Aaron Graves 186 points (champion)
(2) Lewis Bell 167
(3) Gene Womack 152
(4) Will Bateup 148
(5) Liston Bell 109
(6) Joe Chell          83 (Best Pre-60)
(1) Kris Winder 204 (champion)
(2) Chris Chell 157
(3) Ashley Wilson 152
(4) Greg Speed 107
(5) Jos Goddard 102
(6) Trevor Calderwood 70
Six rounds up and down the country, twelve races and two champions.  But everybody in the series, not just the winners, performed extremely well.  The level of competition was  keen, very keen at times. By common consent it was entertaining and  there was a noticeable improvement in the riding standard of a number of riders. 
The 2019 programme will be decided at the AMCA AGM in November.  And I am hoping to arrange the presentation of the 2018 awards (down to 6th place) at the Telford Classic Off-Road Show in February.