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Mold MXC at Babbell, 21st May,2017

Tracy Bermingham went along to Babbell on Sunday to send us her shots from the Mold MXC event.  

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2017 AMCA Sidecar Championship R2 at Brookthorpe

 With it's recent covering of wood-chip and a battering from a heavy overnight belt of rain, the Brookthorpe circuit on Sunday was certainly not to everyones liking! One competitor though who did enjoy the going was sidecar rider Mike Hodges and his passenger Charlie Ide.

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More Brookthorpe images

Simon Brown also attended Brookthorpe on Sunday.

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Rossendale MXC at Whalley Nab, 14th May,2017

Tracy Bermingham went along to Whalley Nab on Sunday to send us her shots from the Rossendale MXC event.  

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Telford MXC at The Grange, 14th May,2017

Geoff Griffiths went along to The Grange last Sunday to send us his shots from the latest Telford MXC event.  

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Brymbo MXC at Penrhos, 7th May,2017

Geoff Griffiths went along to Penrhos to send us his shots from the latest Brymbo MXC event.  

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Tameside MXC at Barnoldswick, 7th May,2017

Tracy Bermingham went along to Barnoldswick on Sunday to send us her shots from the Tameside MXC event.  

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Mid Wilts MXC at Bushton, 7th May, 2017

Ray Smith was at the super hillside circuit of Bushton on Sunday to cover the first Mid Wilts MXC event of 2017.  

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Northampton MXC at Little Bowden, 7th May, 2017

Northampton MXC were in action at Little Bowden last weekend with David Stokes and Martin Janes present to capture all of the action.

David Stokes   Dsports images  Martin Janes  mxphoto@virgiThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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IMBA Ladies R2, Belgium, 30th April, 2017

Round 2 of the IMBA Ladies European MX Championships took place at the Belgium Genk track. A full gate on a fast and gravely track made for tricky conditions made worse by a hot and dry spell meaning dust would become a problem.

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2017 AMCA British Motocross Championship R3

Although only three of the nine rounds in the 2017 AMCA British Motocross Championship have been so far completed, the early title standings in MX1 currently make very pleasant reading for the FUS/FRO/CPS Husqvarna team.

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Warsop MXC at Sherwood Farm Park, 30th April, 2017

Warsop MXC were at Sherwood Farm Park on Sunday and the trio of Tracy Bermingham, Martin Janes and David Stokes were all there!

David Stokes   Dsports images Tracy Bermingham  Martin Janes  mxphoto@virgThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The results of the event are below.

Hereford MXC at Bromyard Motoparc, 23rd April, 2017

Ray Smith was at Bromyard Motoparc on Sunday to cover the Hereford MXC event.  

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2017 Red Marley Hill Climb

In contrast to 2016, this year Red Marley was relatively dry. Hard ground and plenty of grass made for slippery conditions early on but later conditions improved considerably.  Even so it was late in the programme before the magic 20 seconds barrier was broken. And the man to break it – none other than Man of the Meeting  - Tom Crump.

In 2016 Tom swept everybody else aside on his way to collecting no less than five awards. This year his collection was slightly less but equally impressive.

Last year Greeves  aficionado, Ian Bain, was up amongst the all-stars in the Super Class. This year he was back with the 350s – a class he has won several  times at Red Marley.  And, true to form, he was a very convincing winner of the class this year.  Ian tells me he has experimented with the petrol/oil mixture of the old Greeves and it still smokes well, but it seems quicker than ever.  Paul Munslow, the 2016 winner, was second and a pair of Devonians, aka Colin Hickie and John Dallaway, filled up the rest of the podium places.

 The All-Stars (Super Class) were excluded from the over 350cc class. John Cash and Lee Kelly made it into the final from the top half of the draw, and Joe Crump and George Newman qualified from the bottom half. In the final both Lee and Joe crashed out, having negotiated the infamous “pimple”and within yards of the finish. George, sharing a bike with Carl Pope, raced on, edging out John at the finish.

The Super Class, now a regular addition to the programme, was as entertaining and competitive as ever. Sixteen of the best riders invited to compete against each other over 20 heats. Points awarded on the basis of 3 for a win, 2 for second and 1 for third.

 Tom Crump, an absentee from this class last year, was the winner with Carl Pope, Ricky Pedder, Richard Williams, Jim Shand, Dean Howells, Leigh Owen and Tim Dallaway also making it into the semi-finals. Tom and Ricky qualified for the final from the first semi, and Carl and Richard from the second.

The final was, not surprisingly, a quick and close affair. Some huge leaps over the “pimple” (I thought Tom’s bike might collapse!!) and the fastest time of the day - so far, with young Tom in pole position.

The meeting concluded with the All-comers class, split into under 50 and over 50, and a Grand Final which consisted of the first two from each of the age finals.

Tom Crump and Tim Dallaway qualified for the Grand Final from the under 50s, and Carl Pope and Nick Payton from the older group.  In the under 50 final Tom had set the fastest time of the day – 19.72 seconds.

The final line-up looked good – a finale to end on a high note. However, the best laid plans do go astray sometimes. From my vantage point at the start, it was difficult to work out what actually happened, but suffice to say that Tim Dallaway and Carl Pope (they appeared to be first and second) crashed out coming into land after the “pimple”. So, cue another win for Tom Crump.

Tom deserved all the plaudits, but to many it was a disappointing end to a great day. And Carl Pope’s hill record  still stands. Will it ever be broken?


Up to 350cc

(1         (1)    Ian Bain (Greeves)

(2         (2)    Paul Munslow (BSA)

(3         (3)    Colin Hickie  (BSA)

(4         (4)    John Dallaway (BSA)

Winners Time: 24.44secs

Super Class Invitation

(1)    Tom Crump (500 Jawa)

(2)    Carl Pope (600 BSA)

(3)    Ricky Pedder (650 Triumph Metisse)

(4)    Richard Williams (500 BSA)

        Winners Time: 20.25secs

Over 350cc

(1          (1)    George Newman (600 BSA)

(2          (2)    John Cash (500 BSA) 

Only 2 finishers

           Winners Time: 23.46secs

Classic Dirt Bike Challenge (up to 250cc)

(1           (1)    Sean Isherwood (Bultaco)

(2           (2)    Andy Lane (Bultaco)

(3           (3)    Ivan Haskell (Cotton)

    Winners Time: 26.90secs

All-comers  under  50 years

(1)    Tom Crump (500 Jawa)

(2)    Tim Dallaway (600 BSA)

(3)    Jim Shand (600 BSA)

(4)    Richard Williams (500 BSA)

Winners Time:  19.72secs


Words by Dave Gittens and pictures by Eric Miles 


UK EVO MX Championship R2 at North Nibley, 23rd April, 2017

On the fast, dry North Nibley circuit, it was time to go racing again on Sunday in round two of the popular UK EVO series. And, just like the opener staged just three weeks earlier, a bumper entry was in attendance to thus produce plenty of close, exciting racing.

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IMBA Ladies R1, Holland, 23rd April, 2017

Sunday 23rd April saw Round 1 of the European IMBA Ladies Championship which promises to be an exciting season with last years Champion and former World Champion Steffi Laire not competing this year leaving the championship wide open for a new winner.

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Market Drayton MXC at Ollerton, 23rd April,2017

Geoff Griffiths went along to Ollerton on Sunday to send us his shots from the latest Market Drayton MXC event.  

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2017 AMCA British Motocross Championship R2

Just seven days after a tough opening round of the 2017 AMCA British Motocross Championship, the riders had to dust themselves down and find the energy to do it all again on Easter Sunday. 

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Leigh MXC at Coppull, 16th April,2017

Geoff Griffiths and Tracy Bermingham went along to Coppull on Sunday to send us his shots from the Leigh MXC event.  

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Mike Brown Memorial at Marshfield, 14th April, 2017

Ray Smith was at Marshfield on Good Friday for the annual Mike Brown Memorial event which also this year featured the 'Huck Cup'. This was staged in memory of Mark Hucklebridge and featured a mix of current and past top stars including the likes of Stephen Sword, Tom Church, Adam Chatfield, James Noble and Brian Wheeler.  

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